Triangle Pansiteria

Name: Triangle Pansiteria
Location: Luna Extension corner Pattaui Street, Ugac Norte, Tuguegarao City

One of the original pansiterias in Tuguegarao City. I have only been in here a couple of times (including this visit) and they don’t disappoint. From what I’ve seen, they have not been the talk of the social media world but I think they deserve a little more exposure and a lot more visits.


  • Generous serving. I ordered the Php 80 version (balor 80 in local lingo). It had a good miki (noodle) to toppings ratio and just enough of everything to not let you feel overwhelmed or wanting. I was full with about 1/4 of the serving left on my plate.\
  • Essential toppings. You can choose from 5 variants of differing toppings but I think the best bang for the buck is balor 80. Karahay+liver+utak is as good as it gets. There’s a balor 100 which includes slices of hotdog and chorizo but I am not really a fan of both (except for Winawwa’s chorizo) so I personally don’t recommend them.
  • Clean and well-kept. Traditional pansiteria which uses firewood to cook their product. Very open and you can see how your food is cooked and prepared. Parking is a little problematic though if you have a big vehicle as you will most likely cause obstruction if you want to park close by.
  • Readily-served diced onions. Not exactly a fan of DIY onion-cutting so this one’s a plus for me.


Batil Patung (carabeef, egg, soup): P50
Special (+ karahay): P60
Super Special (+ karahay, liver): P70
Mega Special (+karahay, liver, utak or chorizo): P80
Triangle’s Best (+karahay, liver, hotdog, chorizo): P100

PS: Forgot to taste their egg soup. I’ll update this when I get the chance to visit again.


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