Weekends are movie days for Pau and myself. And as far as this year is concerned, so far so good. With the exclusion of the movie I mentioned in my last post (I won’t dare typing its title again), Deja Vu, Blood Diamond, Night at the Museum and Stranger than Fiction made our January a fantastic one.

For starters, I am a huge Denzel Washington fan (Crimson Tide being my favorite) and I must say I really anticipated this movie. I was actually expecting it to be shown in theaters last December in Manila but to my disappointment, a lack-luster MMFF stole the show. Anyway.

When I first watched the trailer, I never thought that it will be a movie which made the lead actor literally go back in time. We all no that as of now, it is a scientific impossibility and the way it was presented during the movie made it even worse. But technological issues aside, the movie made up for it with little twists good enough to turn the tables around. Not to mention Denzel’s usual intensity in his movies. If you happen to not like the movie, I’ll guarantee you will love the actor.

Next stop is Blood Diamond. Violence is the main theme of this movie and boy, it was able to deliver! It was an eye-opener for me, even though I somehow know of the chaos that’s occuring the streets of Africa, and I know it will be for you too. Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou make a formidable tandemn and they made a good movie even better.

After an outstanding acting job in the movie “The Departed”, DiCaprio follows it up with a much better performance in Blood Diamond. The accents, the approach, the aura. It was a damn good display of acting skills.

Unlike Denzel Washington, I really haven’t watched DiCaprio except for Titanic and Catch me if you can. I wasn’t really a fan of his image and acting skills. He has evolved and for the better.

This movie is not for the faint hearted by the way. Paula had her eyes closed for, let’s say, half of the movie. She just couldn’t take the killing spree. Most especially the part when kids held guns and killed their fellow Africans without remorse. Not a pretty sight, but it definitely added up to the depth of the movie. As of now, I give it the 2007 Movie of the Year honors.

Night at the Museum was a change of pace for us couples as you can see. Two action-packed movies in succession, and I had to give my wife a breather.

How many movies have you seen wherein the main plot is supported by a Father-Son story? Countless. But nonetheless, I still liked it (actually I love it more now cause I am a Dad. Makes you want to strive more in real life). Anyway, we liked the movie because it was informative and it was a lot of fun. We had a good laugh. Paula’s favorite segment was when Sakagawea helped them track the main villain of the story. I’ll bet you’ll laugh at that one too.

And the last for January, Stranger than Fiction. We were supposed to watch Babel because we were intrigued with the hype it has acquired in numerous awards from Golden Globe and many others, but we wanted to watch a lighter film, so to speak.

Stranger than Fiction is a good film for everybody, kids and adults alike who have routinary activities day in and day out. But most especially those people who see that life is lived only in one monotonous approach and don’t even bother about the little adventures that is has to offer.

Harold Crick was living the highly intellectual but boring life he knows when a woman’s voice suddenly narrates his every move, with impeccable precision and accuracy. And when he learned that his death was close at hand as narrated by the “voice”, he made every possible move to alter the fate. And the twists and turns continue. Hehe, I don’t want to spoil everything in case you want to watch it.

But moreover, It shows how love changes everything in one’s life and how it can turn a black and white life into a colourful journey. And it also shows how writing is not as easy at it seems, even for seasoned writers. Which makes me appreciate the books I read now. LOL.

Well that should close out the January movie logbook. I am looking out for the rest of the year. Bourne Ultimatum anyone?


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