Here at the balcony once again, breathing in the freshest air that the City of San Pablo could offer. An unobstructed view of the stars in this cloudless, Good Friday night and I guess I have been bitten by the writing bug. But what about? Ahh! I know.

It was the 27th of December 2012 when I experienced my first ever hosting gig as a wedding emcee. The morning of the wedding day came, I woke up as anxious as ever, feeling like I was the groom about to get married to his bride. First time jitters was in full effect. Though I had weeks to prepare and get accustomed to the script, there I was staring at a wall, performing for an invisible audience and psyching myself up for the big event. I could even picture Rancho, Raju and Fahran telling me ‘all iz well’. Little did I know that I was in for an eye-watering, real-life drama that will forever leave a mark in my heart. No amount of psyching up could prepare me for what was in store for me that day.

My very first hosting job involved a wedding sans the bride and the groom. Yep, you read it right. A few hours before the event, I was texted by Doc Sofie (the bride’s mom) that there will be a slight change in the script as Jac (the bride) had to undergo surgery on the eve of her big day. My anxiety left the very instant I heard the news, but it was replaced with worry and utmost concern. She and husband Howell (the groom) were not just my first clients, they were also my teachers in nursing school during that time so I was genuinely concerned about her well-being. At first I thought that the event will be postponed for a later date, but Jac was really determined to push through with the church wedding that they have painstakingly prepared for, for one solid year. They informed us that she will attend the reception, albeit on a wheelchair, and grace the event with her much-needed presence.

The reception venue was beginning to fill up, seats were occupied one after another. After a few minutes, I was signalled to start the program. And so I did. The script was actually written by Doc Sofie herself and it was beautifully crafted, tailor-made for the couple and you could just feel the love that was put into its writing. I had fun reading the love story of ‘Jac n Poy’ to all their distinguished guests, and I tried my best to entertain the crowd even when I knew that the mood was already down due to what has transpired earlier in the day. At one point during the ceremony, Howell arrived and immediately burst into tears as he saw the crowd. His mom, Ma’am Evelyn, wrapped him around her arms and tried to calm his nerves but the emotional groom was just too overwhelmed by what was happening. Everybody was on their feet, with their faces showing feelings of sympathy and their handkerchiefs planted on their eyes as they shed their own tears. The atmosphere was filled with sadness but it was also beaming with love and support for the groom. I tried my hardest to hold back my tears, especially when the groom took over the podium and delivered his speech, but his feelings dug deep into our own emotions that my eyes just let go. It was a very touching scene.

There’s this quote that says you don’t forget your first, right? This experience certainly fits the bill and is definitely one to remember. Though they didn’t get to walk down the aisle on that sad December day, Jac and Poy pushed through with the ceremony the following month and fulfilled their dream to exchange vows in the church, in front of God, family and friends. And I was there to witness the success unfold.

It has been more than two years since their wedding and as I write this piece, I still feel blessed and very much thankful that they gave me the opportunity to be part of their awesome love story. And I have heard that a baby is on the way! Congratulations Sir Howell and Ma’am Jac! And once again, thank you! =D


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