Name: Macoy’s Seafood Panciteria
Location: Diciano Street, Cataggaman Nuevo, Tuguegarao City

In a place like Tuguegarao City where panciterias are a dime a dozen, I am always on the look-out for new ones that offer more than the usual. Just like how Billy’s pancit balot and JoCris’ pancit calamares sparked a new trend in our favorite noodle dish. So when I saw Macoy’s advertisement on facebook, I was thrilled! I am a seafood kind-of-guy so it is a no-brainer that I had to try this variety!


  • Squid, fishballs and shrimps tasted well with the traditional pancit sans the beef toppings. In my humble opinion, the squid made the difference and it blended nicely with the miki and egg.
  • Although not exceptional, the new combination will keep your taste buds interested up to the last bite!
  • The place is cozy and easy on the eyes. High ceiling, well spaced tables, and plants all around makes the place very homy. Considering that we went there at 11 on a Saturday morning while electricity was out, the heat was not much of a factor, thanks to their good landscaping.


  • Considering that their base seafood pancit costs P100, I expected a little more especially on the shrimp toppings. Three small shrimp pieces was a little disappointing from a seaf00d-lover’s standpoint. For the price, I think it wouldn’t hurt if at least 2 pieces of the bigger shrimp variety (sugpo) are placed instead.

There is so much potential for the seafood variant but not a lot to be excited about as of the moment. It is still worth a try though.


Carabeef + egg + liver + soup – P60
Carabeef + egg + liver + chorizo – P70
Carabeef + egg + liver +chorizo + karahay –P80
Carabeef + egg + liver +chorizo + karahay + gulay – P90

 (Pusit + shrimp + fish fillet + fish balls + egg) – P100
 (+ karahay/longganisa) – P115
(karahay/longganisa + shanghai) – P125
Double Barrel (Carabeef + seafoods) – P150

P.S. There is no dedicated parking space. You will have to park your vehicles on a narrow road (eskinita). I suggest using a compact car or a motorcycle, or just hire a tricycle to get to the place. And watch out for the road signs so you won’t get lost!


PANCITERIA DECREE (PD) No. 001. Taking a break from her Saturday law classes, our gorgeous classmate Angelica strikes a pose before trying out the seafood pancit.

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