I feel that the sportswriter in me is dying. It’s sad, but I just can’t deny the obvious. Before, I was able to watch a contest with an unbiased eye, enabling me to draw a fair conclusion based on the facts of the game, and keeping my emotions from affecting the way I see the real story. Unfortunately, I have not kept a fair insight of the sporting events I have watched lately making my analysis and conclusion somewhat questionable. Unlike in the past when I was able to let the writer in me prevail over being a fan, it is just much more difficult because I don’t get to practice as much as I would like to and I really don’t have a goal. I just do it ‘cause I miss it.

While as a sports fan it is just fine to have your emotions take over you when rooting for a favorite team or player, for sports writers however, it is just one of the most biggest no-no’s. That is the basic rule for straight-up sportswriting. Sports editorials of course may very well be biased because it reflects the opinion of the writer, but who would want to read something that is very biased? As I was always reminded by my journalism mentor, you take no sides when covering a sporting event. You present facts in your article in exactly the way it happened. No more, no less. Credibility is important in writing, or in any field whatsoever.

That is what I’m trying to rekindle in my writing. A dying skill just means a chance to revive it. Writing has been one of the highlights of my life and I certainly wouldn’t like it to just fade away. It’s way of life. So here I am again, trying to write.


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