Kinse Panciteria


Truth be told, I had no intention to eat pancit batil patong today because I am (or was!) on a diet. But thanks to the undying support of my friends, I broke that diet today. No regrets though as time with friends and great food always make it worth some sacrifices. 😀

Anyway, you went here to read about pancit batil patong so lemme give it to ya!

Name: Kinse Panciteria
Location: Adducul Street, Cataggaman Nuevo, Tuguegarao City

Kinse Panciteria joins the growing number of noodle houses in Baranagay Cataggaman, Tuguegarao City and I am happy to say that they did not disappoint!


  • We ordered balor 80 (Php 80 peso variant) and their serving amount was on point. If you want overflowing pancit goodness, go for balor 100. Their caldo (egg soup) was delicious too!
  • Just like most start-up panciterias, it has that homey feel to it. Since it literally is a residential house converted into a food place.
  • Well ventilated. But if you chance upon available tables underneath the mango(?) tree, it is better to stay there as the heat coming from the galvanized roof can be quite uncomfortable.


Balor 70 (egg, ground beef, carahay, soup)
Balor 80 (+ liver)
Balor 100 (bigger serving)



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