Name: Jairon’s Pansiteria
Location: Caggay Highway corner Bartolome Street, Tuguegarao City


  • Pansit ulam. If you are the type who likes your pansit to be overloaded with toppings but with minimal veggies, then this is the place for you. I ordered their Super Special serving (Php 90) and I swear it was 50% noodles and 50% meat toppings. The first time I went here, I even had to order a cup of rice to finish all the meat that was left after I ate all the noodles!
  • Lomi-liciousFrom the words of my wife who is an unforgiving food critic, “at last may masarap nang lomi dito sa Tugue.” And as much as I want to give my own review of their lomi, the wife single-handedly devoured the serving which was good for two. Well, considering that she’s pregnant, she did eat for two. :D. Trust me, you can take her word that it was lomi-licious!
  • The place has an inviting, relaxing vibe. Whoever did the landscape of the place did a pretty good job! The high ceiling of the main hall and the huts on both sides give it a good sense of balance and spacing. Also, well-kept and very clean!


 (egg, ground beef, soup) – P60
Special (+ karahay) – P70
Super (+ karahay, chicharon bulaklak) –P80
Super Special (+ karahay, chicharon bulaklak, more toppings) – P90

Regular – 50
Special – 70
(Good for two)


TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. We came here for the lomi but I also ordered their best pansit serving so I can feature it on this blog.
UP CLOSE and PERSONAL. It looks a lot more inviting in person!

PANSIT ULAM. Scraping almost all toppings from the noodles revealed an overwhelming amount of meat! Extra rice please!
SELF-CONTROL. Stricly speaking, I should not be eating pansit batil patong. But for the sake of this blog, I will have to settle for half a plate (or less, as the case may be).
LOMI-LICIOUS GOODNESS! Who wouldn’t want a piece of that!
A CLOSER LOOK. A mouth-watering sight!
YUMMMMMY! You see, I was not joking when I said she ate it all by herself. 😀

RIGHT TIMING. It’s a always a good idea to visit during off-peak hours.

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