I am looking forward to a lot of big and significant changes in my life this year and I thought I’d do some shuffling on the way I manage my blogging as well.

#1: Switching back to WordPress.com

I’ve been holding on to my self-hosted wordpress blogs for some time now and I am finally embracing the fact that a fully customizible site is not entirely essential for my purpose. I usually opt for the basic white background themes anyway.

#2: Write my posts on WP before FB

I have identified that posting on Facebook lessened my enthusiasm to write on this blog. A big part of which is the instant feedback that FB provides to status posts. The bad thing about micro-blogging is I tend to keep to my posts very short and summarized that I don’t get to practice writing in a much more comprehensive manner. It curtails my ability to express what I think and feel.

And I don’t like to force my opinion on people. Facebook posts have that uncanny ability to affect people which can sometimes turn into nasty situation. Serious stuff go here. Facebook is for family and fun. And blog updates! 😀

#3: Photo essays

No more excuses this year. I have had enough experience shooting my DSLR in public that I should get over the hump of self-consciousness and start looking putting together a story. Unleash the street photographer in me and use it for a good cause.

#4: Same day blog post / same day notes!

Many a time have I procrastinated on writing down my thoughts on topics that I want to blog about and end up not recalling enough details when I get into a writing mood. In any case that I won’t be able to get them on time, I’ll make sure that they have been permanently inked on my everyday notepad.

It’s 11: 32pm and I have to post this before January 1 ends. Just a quick edit on a photo for this post and I’m good.

Happy New Year! Blessed 2016 to all of us! Cheers!


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