Okay, I had to take a rain check on the vlogging activity I was supposed to do today because

  1. I lost my wallet while I was driving Zeph to school which was an awful way to start the day and kinda ruined the mood;
  2. I had to wash a pile of dishes and also help the wife wash a huge pile of our clothes because we didn’t mind the laundry from Christmas eve to this day.

However, this day still turned out to be a very happy one for me because the wife finally gave the go signal to let both our families know about the latest good news: WE’RE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY! Woot woot!

Ten years after having our first born, God just blessed us once again with another gift of life. Zephyr is going to be a kuya (elder brother) soon! Though he still says he wants to be the only child if he had his way, we see him getting excited about having a younger sibling.

“Finally, we will have a baby who will live with us!”

That’s what Zeph said when he first heard the news. He was pertaining to his 1-year old cousin Jaeseri Faith, my sister’s 3rd child, as the baby who did ‘not’ live with us because she is with her parents in San Pablo City.

Anyway, we are going to post this at a later time on Facebook. I know many of our friends will love to know about this awesome development but we’ll leave them in the dark for a litte bit more. If you are a friend and you’re reading this, sssssshhhhhh! No FB spoilers please! 😀

Posting this before I hit the sack. Good night!


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