Name: Dan’s Pansiteria
Location: Linao-Carig Road, Linao Norte, Tuguegarao City (in front of the Methodist Church)

When it comes to pansit batil patong, I  usually shy away from hyped-up pansiterias because they almost always fail to live up to expectations.  That’s why I have not visited Dan’s since they opened in January. But since I can no longer ignore the positive feedback (disguised marketing in reality, hehe) they have been getting in the Tuguegarao City Pansit (Official) Facebook page,  I went with my gut feeling and paid them a visit today. And now I can officially say that the hype is real!


  • Serving is on point. If you have read my reviews of Billy’s pansiteria and Triangle pansiteria, you know by now that I am not a fan of excessive, over-the-top amounts that are more likely to end up in the waste bin. I ordered Dan’s balor 100 (Php 100 variant) and while it can be considered plenty, it will not overwhelm your taste buds and it has just enough to let you reach the peak of pansit nirvana right at the very last spoonful.
    (Okay, medyo OA yung last part pero saktong sakto, pramis! :D)
  • Essential toppings. So far, Dan’s has the least number of variants among the pansiterias I have been to, but I feel like they have broken it down to the essentials. My order included an egg, ground pork, liver slices, lechon karahay and chicharon bulaklak. I feel like it would have been more bang-for-the-buck if it had some more karahay (only 3 thin slices) and chicharon bulaklak (only 3 small pieces). My blood pressure (and my wife) thanks you for that limitation though. 😀
  • Spacious, well-ventilated and quiet. A large hut surrounded by trees, situated in an open space of a residential compound that is about 50 meters from the main road. I know, peace and quiet. Unfortunately for me, there was this one dude (looked a little drunk at 11AM) that kept on babbling with his loud voice so it somehow spoiled the atmosphere. It was probably an isolated case though and it should not keep you from tasting their awesome pansit!
  • Parking space. If you have your own vehicle, just go through the alley beside their business sign as they have ample parking space inside. Just a tip if you don’t like to leave your vehicle on the roadside.


Balor 70 (egg, ground beef, liver, soup)
Balor 80 (+ karahay)
Balor 100 (+ karahay, chicharon bulaklak)


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  1. Wow! I didn’t know you brought back your blog again Kuya Mike.
    I’m a fan of your writing skill, and this “Pansiteria” series of
    yours is a wonderful idea. It made me want to feature pansiterias
    for Pancit Cabagan naman here in our hometown Cabagan naman. I’ve
    been wanting to do it noon pa, wala lang oras. hahaha! Looking forward
    for more post.

    See you on future events!

    • Thanks, Mark! Found some inspiration to write again, hopefully I get to be consistent this time. Go sa Pansit Cabagan series! Sigurado ma-appreciate ng tao yan. See you! 😀


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