Last Sunday morning, I got a call from Gerina, SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown’s PR Officer, and she invited me to cover their afternoon event dubbed “Battle of the Asian Rides”, which was an exhibition of modified cars and motorcycles from the Cagayan Valley Region. Here are some photos I took during the event.

OLD IS COOL. JZone Auto Painting Shop’s modified Tamarax FX definitely caught my attention the moment I saw it. An improved version of an old car does give off a different vibe. My car IQ is non-existent when it comes to automobile technicalities but I know beauty when I see one.

The Toyota 86 (well, I think this is an 86) is always easy on the eyes. Probably the one car that I went to see a couple of times more than the other cars.

The old reliable Honda Civic Hatchback of the 90s. I would still love to get my hands on one of these.


And then there were the custom underbones that not only showcased their heavily modded looks, but also their ear-drum shuttering muffler sounds. Quite entertaining for a few seconds but started to feel really irritating when they did it for more than 2 minutes at a time.

There were more cars and motorcycles at the venue but I opted to feature those that I personally liked. I’ll post a highlight video when I have time after finals week so watch out for that.


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