The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

Winston Churchill

Who are you?

Truth be told, I am still having a hard time writing down who or what I think I am. I’d like to shy away from using the worn-down ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ title but that’s the closest I can get to defining myself. Let’s see if you can help me out through the things I do:

I am an aspiring nurse (just graduated! yey!), an events host, a former radio DJ, a hobbyist photographer/videographer, a bike enthusiast, an environmentalist, a caver (level: noob), a blogger, a vlogger, and more importantly, a husband to a future Lawyer (I believe!) and a Dad to a 10-year old boy who is addicted to the Wimpy Kid book series and Star Wars light sabers.

So yeah, I don’t know how to sum that up. Help!

What’s with the blog name, ‘Keng of the World’?

Much like a King has his kingdom to do his will, the Keng has this blog to scribble words with his quill (figuratively speaking).

My family and closest friends still call me by my childhood nickname which is Keng and since I don’t exactly have a niché and just write about any topic under the sun, I decided to go with a title that will enable me to write like I am the King of the World. That’s it really.

Why blog?

Writing has been the best way for me to express myself. While my writing style is far from the creativity and fluidity of the more successful bloggers out there, I get a certain level of satisfaction in knowing that I have put what I think in the open. Though the feeling of frustration does creep in sometimes over the fact that this blog does not get tons of traffic, I just backtrack and return to why I blog in the first place. Getting my idea out in the open.

How do I contact you?

You may email me at michaelgaspar@gmail.com or just drop by Keng of the World’s Facebook page and leave a message.

Thank you for visiting (and reading)!